Thursday, January 13, 2011

First Post!!!

I am super excited!! This is my first post on my first blog! Okay, let's go over the introductions, (just let it be known, I feel like I'm talking to absolutely nobody, so if somebody is reading this, please put my young heart at ease by commenting.) I'm Kristen. Avid reader and movie/TV watcher.

Just so we can cover the basics, I will try to do a quick self-analysis. First of all, I love books and I love movies. If they were guys, I'd totally date them. (Just sayin'.) Although, if I really think about it, I don't actually have to date the book, just the crush-worthy fictional men in them! **ahem** Moving on...... Now I'll be more specific on what kind of books I love: paranormal romance novels. Which are (yes, I'm gonna say it!) Vampire Love Stories. I can't help it. Okay, to tell you the complete truth they are more like Vampire/Werewolf/Magic/Other Supernatural Stuff Love Stories. **sigh**
I love basically all movies, from Disney cartoons to Sherlock Holmes. (That was the widest range I could come up with.) And I am a regular movie goer. (Did I spell 'goer' right?!?)

It's finally 2011!!! Which sadly means we only have one more year left, that is if you believe the world is going to end in 2012. Which I don't. (At least, I don't think I do!?!?) But that is a whole other discussion. At the beginning of a new year, most people make new years resolutions. I am sadly not one of those people, but today I have decided to change that; I'm turning over a new leaf. I have my first goal ever made for a new year: (apparently it's the year for firsts: first post, first blog, first new years resolution, first challenge, first.... well, you get the picture!)
To Read 100 Books in 2011

If you would also like to sign up for this challenge hosted by Book Chick City, you can do so by clicking on the above button. :))

That's all for now, so until my next post, goodbye.

-Kristen ♥

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