Friday, October 7, 2011

I'm Still Here!!!

Hello my faithful Followers (and/or newcomers)!!! I know that is has been a while since my last post...... **cough-cough**  But, in my defense, I have been REALLY busy. But never fear, I am still here! <---Ohhh, that rhymed!!!  :))  But, seriously even though you haven't really heard from me this past week, I have been reading and lots of book reviews will be coming up really soon!!!  :))

But antyways, in the hopes of attaing your forgiveness, I am going to show you the neatest thing that I have found (and tried!).

DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Bookmarks

Here is what you do:

You get some paint swatches, and hole punch a hole at the top. Then you get some pretty ribbon and tie that through the hole. Next, you get some cool stamps and put those on the swatches. Let it dry..... and BOO-YAH!!!! You have awesome, hand-made bookmarks that are cute and just how you like them.  :))

(Everything in BOLD is the supplies that you'll need.)

Enjoy and have Fun!
-Kristen ♥

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