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Kick Off Party: The Guardian's Wildchild by Feather Stone (Interview)

Today, is the Virtual Kick of Party for Feather Stone's debut novel: The Guardian's Wildchild! You can see her post HERE. And..... we have Feather here with us on the blog today!


First off, I'd like to thank you for joining me on the blog today!
1. Describe The Guardian's Wildchild as a tweet  (140 characters or less)!
The Guardian’s Wildchild is a story of a free spirited woman’s struggle for the higher good while having to give up what she values most – her freedom and her heart. It’s about a meticulous naval captain trapped between his moral code and a dark force. The dark force is winning.
2. If you could re-title The Guardian's Wildchild what would you call it and why?
The Higher Good
Throughout the story, the motive for Sidney’s actions was always for the higher good even if it meant the ultimate sacrifice, one’s life.  Her advice to the captain when he was threatening to walk the dark path was for him to consider the higher good for all.
2. What inspired you to start writing?
The memory of a paranormal experience I had was so powerful that it followed me for days.  I decided that to take the wind out of its sails I should write about it.  Five years and one thousand pages later, the power of that event still was as strong.  I’ve made peace with it, though.
4. What kind of research if any did you do for The Guardian's Wildchild?
The story required that I learn about naval command structure.  Fortunately I had a friend who served in the Canadian navy during WWI, and some other acquaintances who served in the Canadian navy during peace time.  I had travelled a few times on a cruise ship so that gave me the information I needed to know about being on the ocean.  The paranormal experiences I’ve had since childhood were useful in creating the scenes of Sidney applying her Guardian powers.
5. Do you have a specific place where you write?
I create the stories in my head during all my waking hours.  I go to sleep creating dialogue and scene descriptions.  When I wrote The Guardian’s Wildchild, I was a slave to every nuance of the story no matter where I was or what I was doing.   At the time I was working as a paramedic.  My passion for my work fortunately put the story-creating on hold while I was taking care of my patient.  But once that was done, my brain was back to Sidney and Sam.  I couldn’t wait to get home and back to the keyboard.
This or That...
Oh, now you’re messing with my brain.  Is this a psyche test?
Ebook or Real book?
I’m of the older generation so I still prefer a real book.  However, I love reading enough that I can make the switch – if I have to.
Twitter or Facebook?
Neither, or is it nyther (LOL).  I’m Canadian, you know, so I speak with my ancestors’ Scottish and English dialect.  Yes, I figured you could tell.  Anywho, I much prefer person to person.  I don’t even like talking on the phone.  Can’t see the eyes, you see.   Got to see those pupils in case there’s deceit.  Just kidding.  I’m getting pretty good at both tweeting and facebook(ing).
Chocolate or Vanilla?
Like, are you serious?  Chocolate, for pete’s sake.  Vanilla?  Yuk!
(Yay! Me and Feather both agree on this subject.)
Past or Future?
Both.  I’ve studied my family’s genealogy.  My family participated in National Geographic’s study of the origins of the human race.  We sent in samples of our DNA and received information about our distant ancestor’s path, leaving Africa about 50,000 years ago, ending up in northern Scotland, known as the MacKay Highlanders.  Best be nice to me, now.  You remember Braveheart?
 As for the future – there is so much potential of discoveries and awakening of the human race.  Too bad we’re so focused on destroying the environment and each other.
And just for fun- What is the strangest thing on your desk right now?
This is our Leo.
(Awww, he's adorable!)
Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!

The Guardian's Wildchild by Feather Stone

Synopsis: Sidney Davenport is known as Wildchild to her Guardian mentor, Greystone. She rebels against rules. Wildchild is gifted in the paranormal, but carefully conceals her powers from the world. Even in the crises that threaten her life, she refuses to use her powers of telepathy, telekinesis, space/time travel. If her enemies discovered the truth of who she is, her Guardian people would be destroyed. She calls upon her spirit guides, Seamus and Celeste, to guide her through a mine field of the insane - Madame and Captain Butchart.

Sidney leaves her home on Hawk's Island to help the underground stop two people who are about to cause worldwide madness. Unskilled in esponage, she is arrested and sentanced to death. But, God help Sidney, she can't deny her attraction to the man who has orders to perform her execution - the tall, dark eyed Captain Waterhouse. He's meticulous, disciplined and lives by the strict rules expected of an officer of the American navy.

Captain Waterhouse is about to scrap his higher morals to bust out of his hell. When a female prisoner is delivered to his ship, he has no idea she is capable of turning his disciplined life into a storm of unimaginable experiences. His prisoner's enemies, he discovers, are also the ones who hold his life in the palm of their hands.

Through stunning imagery, an intricate and adventurous plot, and a strong cast of characters, Feather Stone gives readers a fast paced story woven with murder and magic.

-Kristen ♥

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