Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hiatus Explained

Hello Bloggy Followers!
You might have noticed that very recently I have been absent from the blogging world. It was like I had disappeared from the face of the Earth- no blog posts, no tweets, no notice- nothing. And I am so sorry! There was an onslaught of stuff I had to take care of (Ex. final exams, SAT, unexpected babysitting) and I just didn't have time for blogging. :( Luckily, I did manage to sneak in some reading time, so be on the lookout for lots of new reviews! I will also be getting back into the flow of memes starting on Monday. And I am so excited to be getting back into the groove of blogging because I have felt so out of it without checking into the blogosphere. I appreciate all my faithful followers out there for not losing faith in me! You guys are the best!  :))

And now, serving as my personal apology and for your amusement, I give you Fishy:

-Kristen ♥

1 comment:

  1. Glad you are back! Sometimes regular life calls and is super busy. I hope things will be more relaxed for you now. Glad you got some reading done- I am looking forward to your reviews. :)


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