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Blog Tour: The End of the World as We Know It by Iva-Marie Palmer (Top Ten)

Tour Sign Ups: The End of the World as We Know It by Iva Marie Palmer
Title: The End of the World as We Know It
Author: Iva-Marie Palmer
Publisher: Alloy Entertainment
Publication Date: July 17, 2012
Synopsis: They wanted to party like it was their last night on earth. They just might get their wish….

Meet the four most unlikely heroes ever:

Teena McAuley: Queen Bee, first-class problem solver, resident heartbreaker.

Leo Starnick: UFO conspirator, pizza delivery boy, all-around slacker.

Evan Brighton: Baseball all-star, extreme virgin, Teena-worshipper.

Sarabeth Lewis: Straight-A student, weekend hermit, enemy of the color pink.

When Teena locks Leo, Evan, and Sarabeth in the basement during her biggest party of the year, she doesn’t plan on getting trapped in the Loser Dungeon herself. She can barely imagine a night with these dweebs—let alone a lifetime. But when an alien invasion destroys their entire Midwestern suburb, it looks like these unlikely friends are the last people on earth. Now, it’s up to them to save the world….
About the Author: Author of The End of the World as We Know It from Alloy Entertainment. Palmer lives in Los Angeles with her husband and son and lots of (filled) bookshelves. For more information, check out her bio on Alloy Entertainment's official site.
Top Ten Ways I'd Screw Up a Fail-Safe End-of-the-World Plan:

Hi, Kristen! Thanks for having me visit the Cozy Reading Corner! I’m so excited to be here. Also, happy new year! And yay for the world not ending in 2012. Admittedly, learning the world’s end is not so much a looming threat might make this post seem less relevant but you never know! That’s why there are still bands of doomsday planners out in the world, starring in shows on basic cable and such. And to them I offer this list of reasons why they probably don’t want to bring me in on their end-of-the-world strategy sessions.
1. I'm uncoordinated. Don't get me wrong. I'm not, like, so uncoordinated I'm pratfalling left and right. But, I have never been any good at any sports that require equipment and I do sometimes trip over completely flat surfaces at inopportune times. I might be good zombie bait, but not much more...

2. I'm scatterbrained. I'm one of those people who loses her glasses or keys with alarming frequency. In other words, if you gave me some all-important world-saving cube or orb or something, I'd misplace it at exactly the wrong time.

3. I'm easily distracted. Shiny things, bright colors, was that a hummingbird? Wait, what was I saying again?

4. I'd be writing things down. I’m a writer. And the end of the world is a majorly once-in-a-lifetime experience. So I’d be scribbling in my notebook and totally miss the giant, cavernous hole in the earth.

5. I don't remember “plays.” See above, re: sports that require equipment.  I was always the kid jumping for butterflies in the outfield, or zigging when I should have zagged on the basketball court. So if you outlined an amazing, detailed plan of attack against whatever apoca-beasties were on the prowl, I’d probably accidentally pass them the ball, so to speak.

6. I might be reading. I have been known to miss things because my head’s in a book. And while reading on long road trips and missing the giant tower of hubcaps out the window is one thing, reading when I’m supposed to be defending my turf seems like it wouldn’t be all that helpful.

7. I get crabby when I’m hungry. I’m guessing the end of the world means no one is bringing the fondue pot and the dainty little tea sandwiches (or better yet, the not-dainty extra-large pizza). The last person you want in your band of survivors is a person who can toss out some demoralizing line the second her stomach growls.

8. I like my creature comforts. I go everywhere with a bag of books, notebooks, and at least one tube of hand cream. (And maybe a few lip balms.) I don’t always use the stuff, but it makes me happy. I also treasure my morning shower. Somehow, though, I think my excess of shea butter lotion and extra paperbacks aren’t exactly world savers. (But boy, would our hands feel nice.)

9. The apocalypse doesn’t have room service. It kind of goes with reason number 8, but the second you tell me I’m off work (and no one is going to work when the world is ending), I think I’m on vacation.  So while the rest of the crew is looking for shelter, I’ll probably be looking for a coconut to hold my rum and several decorative umbrellas.

10. I’m always making lists. In the movies, you never see one character scribbling furious, bullet-pointed lists. But I’m a big fan of the list. And while that may seem like something you want in a co-survivor, I have been known to include things like, “Use Groupon for bagel place” on mine. With priorities like mine, who needs an apocalypse?

-Kristen ♥

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