Monday, May 18, 2015

Scholastic’s #IReadYA Week!

Hey guys!! It’s that time again.

Time to celebrate #IReadYA week!! 

Scholastic’s #IReadYA week is a celebration of all things YA! In support of this week, they will be holding daily challenges starting today, May 18, and running through Friday the 22nd. By participating in the challenges, you earn the chance to win some really fun #IReadYA prizes including: #IReadYA tote bags, tumblers and free YA books!

These daily challenges are a lot of fun, and range from describing a YA book only using words that start with the same letter (e.g. Harry helps Hogwarts, hefting horcruxes), to sharing YA reaction videos/memes.

Also, some of our favorite YA authors will be participating right alongside you with impromptu Twitter chats, Tumblr posts and more. To become a part of #IReadYA week and take part in the daily challenges, just click here: Scholastic’s #IReadYA Week


Challenges include:

● Day 1 - #IReadYA Picture Share
● Day 2 - #YAlliteration Challenge
● Day 3 - WOW, Help share Fall 2015 & Spring 2016 Books
● Day 4 - YA #TBT Instagram Challenge
● Day 5 - #IReadYA Book Recommendations
● Grand Prize - #IReadYA Reaction Tumblr post (Video or animated GIF)

-Kristen ♥

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