Thursday, August 13, 2015

Favorite Booktubers

I (obviously) love books. I also love YouTube. Luckily, there are fellow book-loving peeps making videos on the interwebz. These are my faves.

#1: Christine Riccio (polandbananasBOOKS)

Christine is hilarious. She makes fun book talks and cool sketchy videos.

#2: Kat O'Keeffe (Katytastic)

Kat is super sweet and has a bookshelf that is to die for.

#2. Natasha Polis (Tashapolis)

Natasha is a huge fangirl who understands my love of Jaime Fraser.

#3: Sasha Alsberg (abookutopia)

Sasha is adorable, has fun videos, and is in love with Scotland.

#4: Jesse George (jessethereader)

Jesse is a whole lot of fun in his videos.

#5: Regan Perusse (PeruseProject)

Regan is a college student and lover of historical fiction.

I've been seriously considering joining Booktube for some time now, and I think I'm going to be making it happen soon. So, (if you want) you can subscribe to me HERE.

-Kristen ♥

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Blog Tour: Playing the Player by Lisa Brown Roberts (Author Interview + Giveaway)

Title: Playing the Player
Author: Lisa Brown Roberts
Publisher: Entangled Teen
Publication Date: September 14, 2015

Synopsis: The Good Girl Vs. The Player 
Round one begins... 

Trina Clemons needed the money. Why else would she - the most organized, prepared student in school - spend the summer as a nanny and partner with the biggest slacker ever? Now she's ready to tackle nannyhood with her big binder of research and schedules. Just don't ask her about the secret job of "fixing" the bad habits of a certain high school player...

Slade Edmunds prefers easy hook-ups, and Trina is definitely not his type. She's all structure and rules, while Slade wants to just have fun. Fortunately, Trina has no idea about the bet Slade made with his best friend that he can totally get her to unwind by the end of summer...

Then the weirdest thing happens. There's chemistry. A lot of it. But nothing gets between a boy and a girl like a big, fat secret...

About the Author: Lisa Brown Roberts still hasn't recovered from the teenage trauma of nearly tweezing off her eyebrows and penciling them in for an entire school year. This and other painful memories inspire her to write books in which girls big on wit and heart earn happy endings with swoony guys...eventually. Her almost forever home is Colorado, though she occasionally pines for the days when she lived within walking distance of the Pacific Ocean. Her house is full of books, boys, four-­legged prima donnas, and lots of laughter.

Author Interview:

First off, I'd like to thank you for joining me on the blog today! 

Thank you for having me!

1. Describe Playing the Player as a tweet (140 characters or less)!

What happens when the class party boy and the class perfectionist are thrown together for a summer nanny job? Chaos, chemistry, and kissing!

2. What inspired you to start writing?

I escaped into books from a young age, and writing novels was always my dream. I really fell in love with Little Women by Louisa May Alcott, and wanted to be like Jo, the protagonist who is a writer.

3. Do you use any of your personal high school experiences in your stories? 

Not exactly, but I definitely draw on the emotions from that time. It’s easy for me to remember the intense infatuations, the mortification over the smallest embarrassment, the giddiness, the feelings of excitement and fear about the future. Also, I saved all my high school journals, which are hilarious and dramatic, and great inspiration.

4. How important are the names of your characters in Playing the Player

Names are definitely important. I’ve been “saving” the name Slade for a long time, knowing I wanted to use it for a certain kind of hero, so it was fun to finally use it. Sometimes the names just drop into my mind, and sometimes I spend a lot of time looking at naming websites, reading about meanings and etymology. Trina was one that just came to me. I like the sound of it, and to me it fits with her personality and petite physique.

5. Do you have a specific place where you write? 

Several places, actually. I have a favorite corner window table in a public library, which is where I’m typing this right now! I also have a couple of local coffee shops that I like. I write at home early in the mornings, but that’s trickier because I share an office with my husband. I can’t focus at all if he’s in there at the same time I am because he’s noisy.

6. What are you reading right now? 

Several books- I usually juggle two or three at once. Currently I’m reading Denton Little’s Deathdate by Lance Rubin, a fantastic YA with a lot of black humor and thriller undertones, and The Protector Project, a sci-fi YA by my friend Jenna Lincoln. Also I can’t wait to start Spellcasting in Silk by Juliet Blackwell, the latest book in one of my favorite cozy mystery series.

This or That... 

Ebook or Real book? 


Twitter or Facebook? 


Chocolate or Vanilla? 


Past or Future? 


And just for fun- What is the strangest thing on your desk right now? 

Well, it’s not strange, but I do have an autographed photo of Johnny Depp that serves as inspiration. :)

That is so cool!! Thanks again for answering some of my questions.  

Nanny Survival Kit (nail polish, lip balm, journal, summer scrapbook stickers, love scrapbook stickers, love quote bookmark) for US winner or a $20 Amazon Gift Card if international

a Rafflecopter giveaway

-Kristen ♥

Cover Reveal: Em and Em by Linda Budzinski

Title: Em and Em
Author: Linda Budzinski
Publisher: Swoon Romance
Publication Date: October 27, 2015

Synopsis: The last thing sixteen-year-old Emily Slovkowski wants is to move away from her home at the Jersey shore, gorgeous surfer boyfriend Zach, and her entire identity. But that’s kind of how Witness Protection works, and Em must prepare herself for an epic do-over as she starts a new life in the Midwest.

Even as she pines for sandy beaches and the night life of the shore, the newly-named Ember O’Malley finds herself making new friends, taking photos for the high school newspaper, and thinking an awful lot about the paper’s editor, an oddly cute cowboy named Charles.

When Em stumbles upon a shady beneath-the-bleachers exchange between one of the school’s football coaches and a student, she refuses to get involved. The last thing she needs is to be witness to another crime or call attention to herself. Besides, she finally has some real friends – well, real except for the fact that they don’t know a single thing about her – and she prefers to keep it that way until the trial.

But as her day in court approaches, Em begins piecing together what she saw that day beneath the bleachers. And, as her own past secrets start to catch up with her, Em needs to figure out who she really is – Em or Em.

About the Author: I live in Northern Virginia with my husband, Joe, and our feisty chihuahua, Demitria (also known as Dee Dee, The Puppy, and Killer). I'm a sucker for romance and reality TV and have been known to turn off my phone's ringer when watching "The Bachelor." My favorite flower is the daisy, my favorite food is chocolate, and my favorite song is "Amazing Grace." I am represented by the wonderful Andrea Somberg at Harvey Klinger Inc., and my first novel, THE FUNERAL SINGER, was released in September 2013 by Swoon Romance.

AND NOW, for the reveal......

-Kristen ♥

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Book Spotlight: Sojourn: The Wildlands by B.D. Messick (Author Interview)

Title: Sojourn: The Wildlands
Author: B.D. Messick
Publisher: Fire and Ice
Publication Date: July 30, 2015

Synopsis: In a dark future, follow seventeen year old Rayn Mirago as she leaves everything she knows behind, and embarks on a journey that will either prove her worth, or take her life.

Rayn Mirago's seventeenth birthday is tomorrow, but there will be no party, no gifts, and no celebration. Like every other child in this world where humanity is on the brink of extinction and resources are at a premium, she must make her Sojourn across the former United States to prove her worth. The human race has nearly been wiped due to overpopulation, global warming, and our own ignorance and conceit. The coastal cities of the U.S. have been reclaimed by the ocean and the Midwest is now a vast desert wasteland known as the Deadlands. The remaining fifty thousand or so survivors in the old United States now live in one of five walled cities, called Enclaves where they eek out a meager existence.

Rayn's Sojourn begins when she steps through the gates of the Vegas Enclave and into the vast wilderness between the old city and Deadlands, an area known as the Wildlands. She will face many struggles and dangers that will challenge her, make her doubt herself, and force her to realize that she is stronger than she ever imagined.

But first, she must overcome the burden of leaving her old life, everything and everyone she has ever known and loved behind.

About the Author: Been writing for a few years, Sojourn - The Wildlands is the first book I've published and it has been picked up by Fire & Ice Publishing. The second volume: Sojourn - The Deadlands is set for release later in 2015. The third volume is being edited at the moment. I have a new book, EVE, in the final editing stages. If I'm not writing...which is almost never, I love hiking and movies. I am also a board game designer, and my new game, Dodge Dice, is now available from Gamewright Games.

Author Interview:

First off, I'd like to thank you for joining me on the blog today! 

Of course...thanks for inviting me.

1. Describe Sojourn: The Wildlands as a tweet (140 characters or less)! 

Hmmm... ”In a dark future, join 17 year old Rayn Mirago as she embarks on a journey that will prove her worth or end her life." I am so bad at this tweeting

2. What inspired you to start writing?

It's really always been something I have enjoyed doing, although it's only been during the last few years that I decided to see if someone else might enjoy reading what I put down on paper. I will add that when I saw James Cameron's Avatar, I came home that evening and started working on a book that had been languishing for some time, but I find inspiration in music, other books, the news...pretty much everywhere.

3. What kind of research, if any, did you do for Sojourn: The Wildlands

I did quite a bit of reading about global warming and it's long term effects on the planet, as well as some basic survival techniques.

4. Do you think you could survive taking your own Sojourn in your book?

Um...I would probably have to say no. And I would hope that no one would take my book as some sort of guide to survive an apocalyptic's just a story after all.

5. Do you have a specific place where you write? 

Usually in my office, but I also get quite a bit done at the local park. The peace and quiet can be quite useful in getting the creative juices flowing.

6. What are you reading right now? 

At the moment...nothing...although I have been meaning to finish reading Prodigy, Marie Lu's wonderful follow-up to Legend. I don't tend to read a lot when I am writing.

This or That... 

Ebook or Real book? 


Twitter or Facebook?

Facebook (although I am terrible at both)

Chocolate or Vanilla? 


Past or Future? 


And just for fun- What is the strangest thing on your desk right now? 

A figure of Aragorn.

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! 

My pleasure and thanks for taking the time to chat.

-Kristen ♥
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