Thursday, May 19, 2016

Blog Tour: Kisses on a Paper Airplane by Sarah Vance-Tompkins (Interview + Giveaway)

Title: Kisses on a Paper Airplane
Author: Sarah Vance-Tompkins
Publisher: Inkspell Publishing
Publication Date: May 14, 2016

Synopsis: Drama student Hannah Evans isn't kissing any frogs on her path to find Prince Charming. She's determined to share the perfect first kiss -- with the perfect boy -- in the perfect place -- or she's not kissing anyone at all. When Hannah meets a cute ginger-haired boy in first class lounge in the London airport, she knows he's 'The One.'

Pop star Theo Callahan is on the road to get as far away as possible from his back-stabbing best friend, and his supermodel girlfriend who broke his heart. Until one shy smile from Hannah has him rethinking all of his travel plans.

Theo is smitten, but he's worried she's just a groupie in search of the ultimate selfie. Can Theo learn to trust Hannah in time to share one perfect first kiss, or will Hannah be forced to kiss a frog?

About the Author: Sarah Vance-Tompkins was born in a small town in northern Michigan. She spent every summer exploring the sugar sand beaches near Sleeping Bear National Park. She left her heart behind when she moved to Los Angeles to attend the University of Southern California. She received an MFA in Film Production and went on to work in feature film development in Hollywood. She has worked as a reporter for a weekly entertainment trade publication, and been paid to write obituaries, press releases, the directions for use on personal lubricant bottles, and breathless descriptions of engagement rings for an online jewelry store. She lives in a small town north of Los Angeles with her husband and three cats.


How did you get the idea for Kisses On A Paper Airplane? 

I had been working on a very complicated story for a long time. When I finally wrote the words "THE END" on that project, I wanted to do something short and simple. One morning I poured myself a cup of coffee and then I let my mind wander. That's when I thought about writing a story about a girl getting her first kiss. And what if... that perfect first got very, very kiss complicated.

How did you know what goes down in the first class lounge? 

My stepson was in London interviewing Chris Hemsworth on the set of the movie "Thor." We hadn't heard from him for a couple of days, and when we finally got a text from him he was in the first class lounge at Heathrow airport. He had just gotten a hot stone massage and the chef was making him a burger. Gave me food for thought.

What about 'speed dating'? Have you ever tried it? 

I have never been speed dating. Thank god! I think I'd panic and end up hiding out in the ladies room. But I thought it might be a great way for two people to find out how compatible they are in a really short period of time. And my bestie and I agree think you can tell a lot about a person by asking them if their spirit guide is Princess Leia or Marion Ravenwood.


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