Thursday, March 23, 2017

Once Upon A Mattress

Hey guys! So the wonderful people over at Leesa challenged me to make a post about how to spend the perfect lazy day in bed. And since I'm pretty much an expert at staying in (soooo much better than going out) here's my tips:

1. Find a Cozy Spot

This place isn't called The Cozy Reading Corner for nothing. You need a nice, comfy spot to park you butt and spend the day. Whether that be your bed, the couch, or a pallet on the floor, get cozy!

2. Obtain Yummy Snacks

Some people prefer a good cup of tea/coffee but that's never been my thing. Instead, I'd prefer to have a yummy snack. I love anything chocolate, chips, popcorn, cookies, this list could on and on.

3. Pajama Party

Strip down or bundle up. Just make sure you're wearing something comfy!

4. Get your Entertainment

Here's the really fun part! All you need to do is find something you love to do. You can read the next book on your TBR, catch up on your fave TV show, knit a cool scarf, color to your heart's content. Do whatever makes you happy!

(Optional) 5. Snuggle Buddy

For me, a day in just isn't complete without snuggling with my very best friend, Mia. If you have your own fur baby, then make sure to get some snuggles in.

-Kristen ♥

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