Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Book Review: Jumping the Bull by Jenn Burke

Title: Jumping the Bull
Author: Jenn Burke
Publication Date: April 14, 2020

Synopsis: Ben Beaufort, badass bison 

Everyone who looks at Ben and sees his six-foot-plus, muscular build assumes he’s in construction. Or the military. Or something that requires brawn over brains. In truth, he’s a mild-mannered human resources professional—or at least he was, until he got laid off. Now he’s looking for a second career as a Furry United Coalition agent, to discover how truly badass he can be.

Oliver Zuraw, whoop-ass whooping crane

Oliver’s enjoying a second career too, from exotic dancer to the FUC Academy’s yoga instructor. Big, badass men like Ben are totally his type—but he’s sworn them off, because they’re never good news. Except Ben is defying all of Oliver’s preconceived notions and making him wonder if maybe this bison is just the right type of badass for him.

A simple undercover mission that turns out to be not so simple 

When an undercover mission needs a bison shifter, Ben jumps at the chance to put his training to use. A twist of events forces Oliver and Ben to pretend to be married…which leads to an invitation to work for the bad guy on his bad guy ranch doing bad guy things. There’s no way they can pass up the opportunity to infiltrate the criminal operation.

Even if they’re a recruit and a civilian instructor who barely know what they’re doing.

And even if there’s only one bed waiting for them.

Jumping the Bull by Jenn Burke is an EveL Worlds novella set in Eve Langlais’ Furry United Coalition (F.U.C.) World and available on all platforms.

Review: Jumping the Bull was so much fun! And as someone not familiar with the FUC world, Jenn Burke did a great job of bringing me up to speed without having to resort to infodumping. Novellas can be very tricky, you have to balance the progression of the story within such a limited number of pages, and the balance here was spot on (perhaps due to all that morning yoga with a certain whooping crane)! Ben & Oliver were two really sweet characters thrust into a situation they weren't quite fully prepared for, but making the best of it together. And I, for one, definitely wouldn't mind going on another mission with them.

P.S.- I'm not Canadian, so I had to take a little commercial break to find out what house hippos was referencing... and was just as delighted as Ben at my discovery.

An ARC was provided by the author.

Rating: 4/5 stars

-Kristen ♥

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