About the Blog:
The Cozy Reading Corner began in January 2011 because not only do I love to read, I also love finding that perfect cozy corner where I can settle down with a good book. When I first started blogging, The CRC went by a different name and contained book and movie reviews. I eventually cut out the movie reviews to focus on books (though I will still review a book's movie adaptation.) Since then, I have transformed my blog into the masterpiece you see before you now! (Warning: Slight exaggeration on the term masterpiece) But even now, seven years later, it's still a work-in-progress. I am constantly looking for way to improve! I love getting new followers, reading your comments, and making new bloggy friends! :))


About Me:
My name is Kristen and I am the blogger behind The Cozy Reading Corner! I was born at a very young age on July 22. My official zodiac sign is the Cancer-Leo Cusp. I recently graduated with a Bachelor's degree in English. I am an avid reader (I think you can tell) and movie/TV watcher.

Besides books, here are a few other things that strike my fancy: 

  • I love animals! Growing up, I had the usual dogs, cats, bunnies, & fish... but I've also had ducks, goats, a monkey, and a tarantula.
    • These are my current fur-babies:
    My kitten, Mia, whom I am absolutely obsessed with.
    My adorable hedgehog, Roth.

    My sweet lab, Natalie.
  • I like to think I'm an amateur photographer. [You can see my efforts on Instagram- @kmichelle1]
  • I hope to pursue a career in writing/publishing.
  • I adore all forms of storytelling, which is why I'm such a huge fan of movies, TV, music, Broadway, etc.
Okay, that's enough about me! I really hope you like my blog!! :))
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